Connecting people online andΒ in real life.

Friending app for making friends. Users can connect with other users who share common interests.

● Be Authentic, Unfiltered, Original

We’re creating a place for connection rather than comparison

With Friending you can quickly organize a meetup for an activity. Want to connect with others up for a bike ride, streat run, or after-work drinks? Browse through nearby meetups, see what others are up to, and join for anything from a club party to a yoga session. Publish your meetup and see who else is interested!

Friending also lets you build online communities about whatever makes you excited. You can have genuine conversations with short full screen videos.


Be apart of the mission. Make meaningful connections.

We want to encourage you to share your life with friends through photos, but your genuine content to share your true selves. You can access to exciting moments of people looking to make new friends without any fear of rejection.

Our Goal is create a place for people to meet other like-minded people to Bring things that they love and being Friending.

Having Real, Unfiltered Conversations!

We focus on real conversations and encourage people to be their most genuine selves. You can start or jump into conversations about interesting topics, whatever you are passionate about. Conversations and replies will be done with original, unfiltered, full screen video or audio messages.

You can of course share these& threads in other apps.

Get ready for great conversations 🀟Friending🀟

Make And Enjoy Plans With Friends In Real Life.

Planning a new vacation with your friends? Looking for a running partner right now? Curious what’s happening around you?

Another friending feature we call #areyouin will be your answer.

Nothing beats a shared experience together. Plan your next party, activity, trip, or dinner with #areyouin

We can’t help you make friends, but we can make getting together with friends easier than ever!. #areyouin will be sharable.

Hunt For Deals & Fight Food Waste!

Use #urbanspoils to share great deals and promotions you’ve found in your area with friending community.

It will be a friending feature that makes it easy to find deals you will love around the city.

Another purpose is to reduce food waste, #urbanspoils will be a platform through which restaurants, bakeries, and shops can offer unsold quality products at a great price.

Get ready for great deals

Make the first move, be creative, and have fun!

We are looking for friendly individuals to represent Friending at their universities & colleges.

Join our Ambassador program.