Friending warrants to respect everyone’s privacy and to handle all the personal data with the utmost discretion and confidence . We inform you that all personal and any other data you provide can only be used by Friending and will not be disclosed to any third party, unless it is legally requested by the authorities or prescribed by a specific law. We are strongly committed to the protection of your internet data and will take all the technical, organizational and security measures to protect the information you share. For example, the use of SSL encryption for the overall protection of personal data is one of these,measures. However, you are also responsible for your own data and your privacy. Please, for your own safety, exercise the greatest discretion with regard to your personal data provided for the registration and throughout our services, as well as to your user name and password being indispensable for accessing and using the services. If you are visiting from the European Union or other regions with laws governing data collection and use, please note that you are agreeing to the transfer of your personal data, including sensitive data, by Friending from your region to countries which do not have data protection laws that provide the same level of protection that exists in countries in the European Economic Area, including the United States. By providing your personal information, you consent to any transfer and processing in accordance with this Policy.

  1. Our obligations

Friending is fully committed to protect the data of users using our services. Our goal is to provide a safe user experience to all our members. We do our best in every respect to ensure that the information provided remain confidential and be used only for the purposes intended here.

II. Handling of information provided

The privacy policy of Friending refers to the handling of all the information shared with us that enables personal identification.

When upon registration you become a member of Friending you disclose a series of personal information, such as your name, e-mail address, phone number, postal code, address, age, sex, sexual affiliation, income, occupation, hobbies, interests etc. As far as the data stored in the log files are concerned, data storage primarily has the aim of helping the user during his next log-in learn with greater ease about events that occurred while he was off-line. The aim of data handling is to make the Friending application as simple and efficient as possible. Its primary aim is to produce data sheets of individuals wishing to date others out of the provided data and to show them potentially suitable users that fit in as closely as possible with their wishes and requirements. Regulations related to data handling and the protection of the visitors’ personal data apply exclusively to natural persons since personal data can only be interpreted within the scope of natural persons. Data or information apt for personal identification extend to all the personal data regarding natural persons which can be used to identify an individual, to get in touch with him, and to determine his physical availability.

Upon the user’s request the data handler is obliged to inform him about the data it handles, the purpose, legal basis and validity period of data handling, the name and address (headquarters) of the data processor as well as all the related activities. The user is also entitled to know who has gotten access to his data and for what reason. Information on this may be requested at

III. Definition of data handling

It designates the handling of data performed on the basis of the voluntary, informed and determined consent given by the users of the Friending application with respect to users that register in the Friending application.

IV. Validity period of data handling

The Provider is obliged to handle the personal data provided by users upon registration until users delete themselves from the Friending system or, upon their request, they are deleted by the Provider. The validity period is thus the period during which users maintain membership in the Friending application.

V. Visitors’ habits and related information

We collect anonymous data about users’ activities while they use the application with the help of Google Analytics. These data are used for analyses on usage intensity and methods of use with respect to gender, age, location and type of mobile devices (telephone, tablet etc.). The data are used cumulatively and anonymously. This helps us identify best solutions for Friending users and continuously enhance user experience. When visiting the web site or the application you may be requested to supply feedback on other issues we mentioned earlier on, such as interests, or services you like or dislike on the web site or in the application. This feedback is only used with the aim of improving the user experience. Once again, the collected personal data are used by Friending only and will under no circumstances be disclosed to a third party without your former consent, unless we are legally bound to do so by the authorities or due to a specific law.

VI. General provisions and information

In accordance with our privacy guidelines, we can only disclose personal data if the law requires it and if the competent authorities oblige us in order to protect Friending users, the Friending application and others. We are entitled to share the collected and registered information with partners we hire for the fulfillment of tasks, such as server operation, server hosting services, processing of card payments etc. These companies can get access to your personal data, but only to the ones that are absolutely necessary for the fulfillment of their activities. Hence, we underline that as far as payment is concerned, it is only the data which are absolutely necessary for the fulfillment of the payment that are handed over to the financial entity, and these data are handled by the financial entity only until payment is completed and only to the extent to which the fulfillment requires them.

Anonymous information collected outside of the scope of personal identification, which cannot be connected to a natural person, or demographic data, which are collected with no regard to the personal data of identifiable individuals, hence no relationship with a natural person can be established, are not considered personal data. Friending is not offering services to individuals under the age of 18, thus Friending declares that it does not collect and does not handle personal data of individuals under the age of 18.

VII. Modification of personal data

In the Friending application it is possible to change personal data. It is enough to log in with the user name and password and the data in the data sheet can be modified any time. It is to be noted that age can only be changed once!

VIII. Deletion of personal data

When a user’s data sheet is deleted all the data linked to his person are automatically deleted from the system.

Users may temporarily suspend their stay in the Friending application (on an IOS device) on the basis of the terms and conditions defined in the terms of service. There is no data deletion in this case.

Should users realize that in spite of the deletion there are still personal data left in the system they should write an e-mail to to demand deletion. Provider will delete the data within 5 working days of the receipt of the demand. In case of deletion the data can no longer be restored.

IX. Transactions

You can subscribe to this service using the Apple Store and Google Play. Your subscription will automatically renew after the current subscribed period expires. If you no longer wish to use our service, you will need to cancel your subscription. The subscription fee can not be refunded. Please also read the terms of the application platform that apply to the purchase of apps.

X. Cookies

As mentioned earlier on, we use cookies to enhance user experience. Cookies are able to identify users’ interests, internet user habits and website visit history. As cookies operate like some sort of labels that recognize visitors when back at the site, they can be used to store user names and passwords being valid on a given page. If upon visiting the site the user’s browser sends the formerly saved cookies back to the hard disk, the sender (service provider) can link this visit with the previous ones. However, as cookies are only associated with the domains, they only remember contents. Cookies are not capable of identifying users, only their computer. Users have the option to authorize or block cookies. It is important to point out that while blocking cookies may help protect personal data, it may restrict the usability of certain pages. However, it must also be noted that it is not of great importance to use (or authorize) cookies for simple browsing. Authorizing or blocking cookies can be done under Cookies in Data Protection under Tools/Settings of the browser menu.

Cookies installed on the hard disk can be deleted from the user’s computer before their expiry date. It can be done with the delete button in History under Tools/Settings of the browser menu.

It is important to note that deleting cookies stored on the hard disk of the computer may cause malfunctions with certain web pages.

How to contact us:

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